Affiliations & Awards

Affiliations & Awards

Awards are an important part of a company’s reputation and as such, we take pride in being able to instil confidence in our customers about the quality of our products and services through our awards and affiliations. You can always count on us.

Finalists in the Swale Business Awards- Again!

In 2018, Unipet have once more been nominated as a finalist in the Swale Business Awards. The awards celebrate the diverse array of businesses within our local area. We’re extremely proud to have been nominated again; since our last entry in 2016, the business has grown rapidly yet again, and we have taken on more local projects, such as donating feed to our local feeding station. This is an excellent achievement and we are honoured that Unipet’s hard work and commitment has been recognised again by our local community.

Awards and Affiliations: uniFeedrk

Unipet Win Second New Product Showcase Award!

We’re extremely proud to have won the Best Bird Product award in the PATS Sandown New Product Showcase for two years in a row! In 2018, the SingingFriend uniFeedr won the award, which was described by the judges as “fairly priced and has a modern, well-thought-out and different design. It offers good rain protection and is resistant to squirrels.” To win the award two years in a row is an honour, and a testament to our commitment to feeding the birds safely and conveniently.


Awards and Affiliations: Super Suet Starter Pack

Super Suet Starter Pack is a Winner for Unipet International Ltd!

Winning the Best Bird Product category in the New Product Showcase at PATS Sandown March 2017, the UK’s biggest pet trade show, is a clear sign that our Super Suet Starter Pack is set to become a bestseller in pet stores throughout the year. Judges feedback included: “A great value product that is well packaged, making it attractive to the customer. It will also help to encourage more people to feed the birds in their garden.” It is great recognition of not only an outstanding product, but of the dedication of all our staff at Unipet who continue to provide premium high quality wild bird food to our customers.

Awards and Affiliations: Swale Business Awards

Finalists in the 2016 Swale Business Awards!

The Swale Business Awards is widely regarded as our borough’s most prestigious business event. Up against some highly respected companies, Unipet International Ltd were shortlisted as one of the finalists and attended a gala dinner to celebrate the talent within our local area. We are very privileged to have been involved in such an event and recognised as one of the top businesses locally.

Awards and Affiliations: Gima


The Garden Industry Manufacturers Association is a membership organisation that represents suppliers and manufacturers within the UK gardening industry. We are part of a community focused on the gardening industry and have access to key industry networking events, with GIMA being a powerful voice for the industry.

Awards and Affiliations: Kent Wildlife Trust

Kent Wildlife Trust

Kent Wildlife Trust are a registered charity and the leading conservation organisation covering our local area, Kent and Medway. They are dedicated to protecting wildlife and wild habitats for everyone to enjoy. Their core values relate to a world, rich in wildlife and better for people. Kent Wildlife Trust collaborate with individuals, organisations and communities to deliver value to the economy, to people and to wildlife. We are proud to be a member of the Trust and as such are actively planning to reduce the amount of waste from our factories to further demonstrate our commitment to local wildlife.