How To Protect Wild Birds From Diseases 


Like humans, birds can also become unwell from illnesses and diseases, however there are…

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Why Are Birds So Popular In Nursery Rhymes?


World Nursey Rhyme Week has got us thinking about the popularity of birds in…

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Be Mindful of Wildlife During Firework Celebrations


Firework and bonfire celebrations can be great fun; however, it is important to remember…

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How The Weather Has Affected Migration So Far This Year


Every year roughly half of the worlds bird species migrate to a climate more…

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How To Help An Injured Bird


Finding an injured bird is an unpleasant experience, but there are often ways in…

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How To Keep Hens Comfortable During Moulting Season


When you first witness your hen moulting, it can seem quite unsightly. The vision…

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What Type Of Bird Feeder Is Best?


If feeding the birds is a new hobby, the amount of choice can be…

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Why Should I Feed My Hens Hentastic?


Here at Unipet, we pride ourselves on creating premium products for chickens and wild…

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We Test Who’s Best: ‘Year Round’ Suet Blocks


We were recently joined by 17 year-old Ren for a work experience placement. She…

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