Cleaning Bird Feeders: Dos And Don’ts!

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Cleaning bird feeders on a regular basis is an important task- but why?

Keeping feeders clean can be crucial to the birds’ wellbeing. Illnesses- such as trichomoniasis, which seriously affects the bird population- can be limited with a clean bird feeder. As saliva is the cause of contamination, the unfortunate side effect of a popular bird feeding station is an increased change of exposure to the illness, which can kill birds.

It’s not a lengthy task, but cleaning the feeders is just as important as regularly feeding. That’s why we’ve put together a list of dos and don’ts for cleaning your feeders!

Do Use Disinfectant!

A mild disinfectant will swiftly remove any visible dirt, as well as invisible bacteria within the feeder. Use a 5% disinfectant for the best results, ensuring it has fully dried before refilling the feeder.

Don’t Leave Old Food In A Feeder

In warmer months, it’s advised not to keep uneaten food in a feeder for too long. This will help prevent any further bacteria build-up. Ensure the birds have plenty of food, but don’t put more out than they are eating- this will save you from having to waste precious feed! Of course, if you’re using Suet To Go, the birds won’t leave a crumb behind anyway…

Do Use An Easy-To-Clean Feeder

Some bird feeders are difficult to clean and require a lot of hard work to keep fresh. A large, wipe-down feeder, such as a SingingFriend feeder, is easier to maintain and quicker to clean too.

Don’t Leave Feeders In One Spot

Moving feeders around every few weeks is an ideal way to ensure that dirt and droppings aren’t accumulating in one area of the garden. This is especially important if you have concrete paths or a patio that you’re looking to keep pristine!

Do Keep Safe!

Take care not to be in contact with the bacteria or the chemicals you’re using to combat it! Wear protective gloves when cleaning the feeders, and use a designated cloth that isn’t used for anything else. Some of the illnesses common in birds can be passed on to humans so it’s important to stay safe.

Don’t Forget Your Bird Baths and Houses!

Regularly spring clean your entire garden, including bird baths. These should be regularly dried out fully and cleaned, to ensure there isn’t a bacteria buildup in the water. Bird houses can be cleaned between seasons- just make sure nobody’s using it first!

With high-quality suet based feed and durable feeders, it’ll be easy to get the birds flocking to your garden. Just as they’ll be grateful for the tasty meal, they’ll too be grateful for your efforts in keeping their areas clean and safe!

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