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Don’t Let The Birds Under-Rate Their Stay

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Are you a bird lover but unsure how to get them into your garden? Look no further! Below are 10 top tips to attracting feathered friends to your garden.

Birdie Restaurant

If you are eager to attract feathered friends to your outdoor space quickly and easily, then buying a bird feeder would be the perfect place to start! Try not to be disheartened if your brand new feeder isn’t drawing the crowd immediately; birds are creatures of habit after all, they need time to adjust to the new hanging bird restaurant. Be patient and you will soon be fully booked! If you are still unsure about what style of bird feeder might be right for you, then keep an eye out for our new SingingFriend range coming soon!

Tasty Treats

Like any restaurant it is important to identify the taste buds of your clientele. Some birds are very picky eaters. If you are finding that your bird seed isn’t quite tingling their taste buds then perhaps it’s time to change up the menu! Our Suet To Go products not only keep your feathered friends healthy, the variety of flavours and products will keep your establishment busy throughout the year! If you want a taste of what the Suet To Go range has to offer, then how about trying our Super Suet Starter Pack?

Location, Location, Location!

So your birdie restaurant is in place and nobodies checked in to look at the menu yet. Don’t worry! Perhaps the location of the new outlet isn’t quite right yet? Perhaps your friends are worried that their feeder is to close to the ground. After all who wants a disruption during their meal? Try placing your feeder at a safe height and at a reasonable distance between trees. Try to avoid areas that have low shrubbery; predators such as cats like to take cover before launching an attack!


It doesn’t matter what you call them, bushes, shrubs or hedges, these plants are often overlooked when it comes to landscaping your garden. Not only are shrubs the perfect home for insects, they also offer your garden birds an alternative feeding ground. Be sure to complement your bushes with seasonal flowers, such as honeysuckle and rowan. The sweet scent of the honeysuckle will encourage more insects and will also provide a natural shelter. Dependant on the species of your Rowan tree, this plant will offer your feathered friends delicious berries from late summer to early winter. A perfect amuse bouche to your tasty treats!


Nothing quite washes our tasty treats down like a nice bird bath! Water is very important, even in the colder months. Bathing is essential for birds to keep their feathers in tip top condition. If you have the outdoor space perhaps consider a pond, not only will your birds love it but it will be sure to attract lots of other wildlife to your garden too!

Hygiene Rating

Have you ever stumbled upon a dodgy restaurant with a low hygiene rating? Guess what? Birds hate it to! If you are putting out delicious food for your garden birds, then it is crucial to maintain the cleanliness of the bird feeders and baths. Who wants to eat in a dirty restaurant? Birds can also catch diseases from one another, but you can help reduce this risk by keeping their favourite location in your garden clean. Pop on your marigolds and dig out a scrubbing brush and you are ready to begin. The easiest way to maintain your bird feeder and bath is to simply grab a bucket of warm water and any chlorine based bleach and begin scrubbing! Discard any old food and water and start disinfecting your bird feeders and bath. Ensure that you always thoroughly rinse any area once cleaned. Once everything is sparkling and smelling fresh, its time to fill up your feeders and replace the water. You are back in business!

Birdie B&B

So you’ve set up your dining space and the regular visitors are having such a good time they want to tweet about it! Why not go the extra mile and open up a birdie B&B! Consider making your garden a desirable place for birds to nest, perhaps a cosy nest box that your feathered friends can settle in? Spring would be the perfect time to consider creating your very own love nest, just in time for breeding season!


Did you know that your feathered friends see more colours than humans in several ways? Not only are our garden birds able to perceive familiar colours, but they also have better visual acuity. This means they are able to determine subtle differences between similar shades of colour and graduations. Is it time to mix things up on your menu? Why not endulge in our vibrant Suet To Go berry range. Perfect for attracting birds into your garden!

 Avoid Pesticides

Are you as wildlife-friendly as you think you are? Pesticides are highly poisonous and kill a large variety of insects. Avoiding pesticides means tastier meal times for your garden birds and less harmful chemicals in your garden environment.

 Remember to keep track of your visitors

So if you are able to offer a lot of these things, you should be well on your way to creating your very own mini-nature reserve. Your new birdie restaurant should be fully booked and your beautiful plants are attracting new visitors everyday! Now it’s time to keep track of your feathered friends. By getting familiar with your regulars and their taste buds, it will allow you to understand their likes and dislikes. It is also a perfect opportunity to figure out how to attract more visitors to the new hot spot in town!


If you have followed any of our top tips and had success, we would love to hear about it! Leave us a comment in the section below!

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