How To Get Kids Gardening This Summer

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Encouraging children to assist with gardening activities is rewarding for them, and you! It’s a fantastic way of bringing the family together for a natural and fulfilling activity, while also teaching children to take responsibility for a household task. But in an age where kids would rather spend time in their rooms connected to various electronics- how do you get kids gardening?

Let Them Decide

A good first step is to get them to choose seeds, plants and decoration for your garden. While they might not think going out to a garden shop is the most exciting afternoon out, if you encourage them to decide and take leadership in the project, they will feel a sense of ownership and pride.

Get Creative

There is more to gardening than simply watering the plants! Encourage them to decorate furniture within the garden.

Why not build a bird bath together? This is a great opportunity for them to learn more about caring for garden birds while working on something artistic!

Create A Routine

If your children miss the structure that school provides, adding odd jobs to their routine can give them an improved sense of purpose. Try encouraging them to water the plants every evening to round off the day, especially if you’re struggling to get them to stick to an early bedtime.

Likewise, giving them tasks such as cleaning and refilling bird feeders allows them to see just how much the birds rely on their help!

Watch And Learn

Encourage your kids to stay outside after the hard work is over. Watching birds flock to the garden, and seeing the beauty of a well-cared for garden will give them a sense of pride in their work.

Take this opportunity to teach them more about what they can see. Using your garden, you can help them identify bird breeds or teach them about how flowers grow.

We’re sure this will impress their science teachers come September!

Connect It To Other Interests

If your child is creative, encourage them to draw pictures of things they see in the summer.

See the world through your children’s eyes by giving them a camera to experiment with in the garden. With a variety of birds and flowers to choose from, they will always have a subject to photograph!

Even younger children can get involved- a simple game of i-spy will help them understand the world around them.

Do your kids help with the gardening at home? Tell us your tips- comment below!


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