Why Should You Give Suet To Your Garden Birds?

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If you’ve ever fed suet to your garden birds, you’ll know one thing already- they love it! Suet is a great food source for birds, and it makes feeding quick and easy for us too. Find out why…

There’s a Shape and Size for Everyone!

A huge range of birds love suet, because it comes in many different shapes and sizes. From pellets to blocks, there is a suet product that most birds can enjoy. As a result, feeders come in a wider variation of shapes, which means larger birds can perch and feed too!

You’ll See More Birds

Because suet is a hit with birds, you’ll find different breeds in your garden than you would if you put seeds out instead. Starlings and wrens are two examples of birds who love suet, but you might spot an even rarer bird who has been enticed by your suet products!

Small Birds Need Small Pellets

Small birds do well with suet too. Mini pellets can be carried away so they can be eaten in safety, which can be a lifeline for smaller, more vulnerable birds. They are easy for smaller birds to swallow- and as the larger birds will go for the bigger blocks, they’ll have less competition for food.

It Gets Them Through The Winter

During colder months, suet gives birds some of the fat they need to survive. Regular feeding helps them to maintain their high body temperature. Body fat also affects a bird’s ability to fly, which makes it even more important that they eat plenty of fat.

They can Come With Added Nutrition

Extra ingredients can be added to suet, to make it an even better nutritional source. Mealworms, fruit and insects have positive properties which the birds will appreciate. They make for a tastier suet product too, so you’ll have to get the birds to form an orderly queue!

It’s Less Messy!

Ever tried to fill a feeder with seeds and spilt most of it on the ground? As suet is bigger and a little sticky, you won’t have that problem. Even mini pellets are less messy than seeds. When birds peck at the pellets, they will stick to each other and stay in the feeder instead of falling to the ground. This could help ensure that only birds are eating the bird food, instead of those pesky critters on the ground!

Suet Feeders are Easier to Maintain

Balls and blocks are thick and durable, so you won’t need to refill as often as with smaller products. Birds can peck away at them for much longer than a feeder full of seeds would last. Plus, as they are in larger sizes, refilling takes seconds. That way, you can spend more time birdwatching and less time trying to refill their feeders!

Which Suet To Go products do your garden birds love? Let us know below!

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