How To Make a Bird Box

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We recently had 16 year-old Will in our offices, and he has put together a great guide on how to make a bird box! 

Autumn is a great time to put a bird box up. Birds will use it as a shelter from stormy weather, and return to it in spring when they’re ready to nest. Read on for Will’s top tips on how to make a bird box!

After reading this guide to making a bird box, you’ll have the birds flocking to your garden in no time.

What you will need:

  • A plank of weatherproof timber (Important: Do not use CCA pressure-treated timber, as this may harm the birds);
  • A drill;
  • Screws;
  • A saw

What you need to do:

  • Cut the wood: you’ll need a small rectangular base and a square front and roof. The back will need to be a longer rectangle, so the roof will slope downwards. The sides will be rectangular, with one slanted side to allow the roof to slope.
  • Once the planks are cut, start by nailing one of the sides to the base of the bird box, and then nail them both to the back section. Then, hammer gently to avoid splitting the wood.
  • After this, turn the box onto the fixed side and nail the other side into position Before fixing the front panel onto the sides, make sure you have an entrance – 25mm for blue, coal and marsh tits and 28mm for great tits.
  • Place the bird box on its back and nail the front to the sides.
  • Drill a hole in the top of the bird box and attach it to a tree using a screw.
  • Finally, fill your nearby feeders with your flying friend’s favourite treats, and watch as your garden becomes the talk of the town!

Thanks to Will for contributing this week’s blog! Did you make your own bird box? Tell us your tips in the comments!

Cover image by Andrew Fogg
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