How To Make A Bird Bath

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Making a bird bath will help the birds all summer long, when they need hydration. But it’s not just birds who will thank you if you make a bird bath- it’s a great step towards creating a garden that is friendly to all wildlife, including amphibians.

In this heat, baths provide birds with a source of water both to drink and to cool off in. You’ll attract a range of birds to the garden with a bird bath, and they’ll put a show on for you- it’d be easy to spend hours on a lovely warm day, just watching the birds enjoy the bath you have created!

Pick A Material

If you have a large plastic container that would otherwise go to waste, this could be a good way to re-use it! Other materials that could be used include- metal rubbish bin lids and terracotta pots.

As long as it holds water, anything could potentially be a bird bath! We’d recommend finding something that’s easy to regularly clean, so you can help to prevent disease amongst birds.

Make It Safe

There are a few safety features to consider. First, ensure your bath isn’t too deep. The water should be shallow enough that smaller birds can safely enjoy the bath.

Elevating the bird bath with bricks, or placing it on a wide ledge, will reduce the threat to birds from larger predators. This is an especially important point if there are outdoor pets in your area!

Bricks or pebbles inside the bird bath will not only weigh it down, which will make it safer, but depending on your choice of material, it could provide a less slippery base for the birds, preventing them from slipping too deep into the water.

Ready To Go!

Simply add fresh, cool water to the bird bath and the birds will quickly flock to it!

Try to place the bath where debris and feed from bird feeders won’t enter the water. If the water seems to have picked up debris- or if it looks clear, just every few days- get rid of the old water and refill with fresh water. If you can, place the bath in the shade to keep the water cool.

Spruce It Up

There are a huge number of ways to turn your bird bath into a beautiful garden accessory! If you’ve elevated the bath from the ground with bricks, try painting the bricks to match your gardens’ colours.

If you have children at home this summer, you could try painting the inside of the bird bath. Allow them to pick one or two colours, decide on a pattern and paint to their hearts’ content! Just make sure you’re choosing a bird-safe, lead-free paint for this project, and ensure it’s fully dry before you put the bath out.

The options truly are endless when it comes to making and decorating a bird bath- so what are you waiting for?

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