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Be Mindful of Wildlife During Firework Celebrations

05/11/2018 - No Comments

Firework and bonfire celebrations can be great fun; however, it is important to remember that the noise of fireworks can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety in wild animals and birds. That being said, you don’t have to completely cancel your bonfire celebrations. Take a look below at our top 10 tips so you can help look after the wildlife in and around your garden:

  1. Build your bonfire on the day of lighting it. This will help to reduce the amount of wildlife that can sneak in and start nesting!
  2. Always check your bonfire for hibernating hedgehogs and small animals. If you do find any, use gloves to carefully move them to somewhere sheltered e.g. under a tree or shrub
  3. Remember to set off fireworks away from any trees and hedgerows. This will help to minimise any disturbances to wildlife and nesting animals
  4. Remove bird baths and feeders from your garden before letting off any fireworks. If this is not possible, thoroughly clean them the next day and ensure there is no ash or firework remains in or around them
  5. Always wait until after dusk to light any fireworks as this is when there will be fewer animals and birds feeding
  6. Always set off Catherine Wheels in an open area and never attach them to trees
  7. Don’t forget to clear up any rubbish after your firework display. Dead fireworks, cans, rubbish and bottles can trap and harm small animals
  8. Always make sure your bonfire is fully out before leaving it. The ash from a bonfire can stay hot for days, potentially causing harm to small animals and other wildlife
  9. Avoid using Sky or Chinese lanterns as these can pose a significant risk to wildlife. With no control over their direction, they can end up anywhere including in trees, nests and in other animals’ habitats
  10. Never set off fireworks near nesting or roosting birds as this can frighten them and make them vulnerable to predators. Frightened and panicked birds will also fly further than they need to, using up valuable energy reserves and potentially injuring themselves

Have any other tips on how to look after wildlife during the bonfire celebrations? Comment below as we would love to hear them!

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