We Test Who’s Best: Suet To Go Nuggets

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Recently, we have been testing our Suet To Go feed against our competitors.

We do this for a number of reasons. First, it’s a great reminder of just how much the birds enjoy Suet To Go. But also, it helps us find out ways we can improve, and discover exactly what wild birds want from their complementary feed.

We recently tested our Suet Nuggets against a competitor. Our Suet Nuggets retail for around a similar price per kg, and are both available from most large pet retailers.

Test One

For our first test, we filled two feeders- one with our nuggets and one with our competititor’s. We hung them both from the same tree, at similar heights. They were located in the Milton Creek Country Park feeding station, which sees regular visitors- so most food goes quite quickly!

It proved to be rather interesting…

We were really pleased to see that our nuggets went first, but it was a close call! That’s why we decided to do a second test- this time, we filled both feeders with a mix of the two brands. One had Suet To Go on the bottom and the competitor on the top, and the other feeder had the opposite. We wanted to see if birds would still favour Suet To Go when the product was mixed.

Test Two

Yet again, the competitor nuggets were left while Suet To Go was largely eaten.

Another thing we noticed in this test is that suet nuggets are a real favourite with the birds! Our nuggets went really quickly, even compared with some of our other popular products. We think this is because of their size, which is small but sturdy, as well as their easy-peck ridges, which makes feeding more convenient.

Which Suet To Go products would you like to see us test next? Leave a comment below!

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