We Test Who’s Best: Suet Balls

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As part of our new series, We Test Who’s Best, we’re testing our Suet To Go products against our competitors.

When it comes to suet balls- or fat balls as they’re often called- there are plenty of options on the market. They range from budget to premium, and  come in various flavours. The quality of these products can vary. While some are visually appealing and contain premium ingredients, others contain filler and aren’t so attractive.

We wanted to conduct a broad test, that encapsulated a mix of the suet balls on the market. We tested 5 balls together over three days- including the Suet To Go balls in both flavours, and three additional suet balls from various competitors.

Each feeder contained three different balls, and we put three feeders out at the same time. This allowed us to rank exactly which balls were preferred, and what the birds would choose to eat.

See our results below- and scroll down for some more facts and figures…

Feeder 1

This feeder started off with a Suet To Go Sunflower Ball on top, the ‘Premium’ competitor ball in the middle and the ‘high energy’ ball in the bottom.

By the time we returned to the feeders a day later, the Sunflower ball was nowhere to be seen! The remaining two balls had barely been touched. We decided to add a Suet To Go insect ball to see if this would be as popular as our sunflower ball.

On day 3, we were pleased to see that our Insect ball had also nearly gone! The ‘high energy’ ball was considerably smaller in size too, while the so-called ‘premium’ ball was the least popular.

We were really pleased to see that our sunflower ball was a favourite for the garden birds! Our insect ball was equally popular, and the same amount was eaten as the ‘high energy’ ball- but in half the time!

Feeder 2

In this feeder, we used another ‘high energy’ ball, as well as a Suet To Go insect ball and a standard fat ball.

While the Suet To Go ball was clearly in the lead on day two, the other two balls had also been half-eaten. We decided again to add another STG Insect Ball, to see if it could compete with the others, even with a headstart.

By the end of the test, all three balls still had small segments remaining, but the first Suet To Go ball was gone, and the refill ball was 3/4 eaten!

Feeder 3

This one contained a ‘high energy’ ball, a Suet To Go sunflower ball and a standard fat ball. We already know that the birds are happy to eat all three of these products, but which will be eaten first?

The Sunflower Suet Ball was gone in a flash while the other two still had a little way to go! We added another Sunflower ball on day two. While the standard fat ball wasn’t fully eaten by the final day, the second sunflower ball had, yet again, been eaten immediately.

We’re really pleased that, across all three tests, Suet To Go was the birds’ first choice. And on top of that, the Sunflower Suet Balls were a huge hit with the birds, and were eaten quicker than any of our other test balls!

Get our Insect Suet Balls here, and our Sunflower Suet balls here!

What would you like to see us test next? Tell us in the comments!

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