We Test Who’s Best: Birdy Butter

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Here at Unipet, we love Birdy Butter. This is a suet based product that’s a little softer than the blocks, pellets and balls we usually offer, and can either be fed using our Pre-Filled Birdy Butter Feeder or spread onto a tree.

There are a lot of variations of this product on the market, but we think ours is the better butter! To make sure we weren’t just being biased, we tested our Birdy Butter against two popular products, both of which, like us, can be found in high street shops.

These three competing products sell for quite different price points. But that doesn’t mean the ‘premium’ butter is best- we struggled to assemble the feeder, which came with a chain with a fiddly set of clips that were hard to use. Plus, the integrated perch broke off while we were hanging the feeders- not great if you’re spending £10 on a feeder.

The budget butter was easier to assemble, but the feeder is less attractive than its competitors. Our feeder, with its house-shaped design, was easy to assemble and looks great in the garden, but we did notice that there was a gap in the feed when we opened it. While the product is variable and this won’t happen in most jars of Birdy Butter, you could argue that this small gap actually gives birds easier access to the feed.

3 Hours Later

When we first returned to the feeders, it was clear the birds had enjoyed a large lunch! Birds had clearly eaten from all of the feeders, but it was Suet To Go and the premium butter that birds enjoyed the most. In fact, the Suet To Go Birdy Butter was almost completely gone!

By The End Of The Day…

The Birdy Butter had been completely eaten! If you look closely, you can even see small lines in the jar’s residue, where the birds have tried to get as much as possible out of the jar.

The Premium Butter had also been entirely eaten, but at £4 for a refill jar, it’s not as affordable as Suet To Go. While the Budget Butter has clearly been enjoyed by some birds, it seems to be an acquired taste- by the end of the day, around half the jar still remained.

Why Buy Suet To Go?

We take great pride in our product, and this Birdy Butter test shows why! Our Birdy Butter is a premium suet product that birds clearly love, and with its mid-range price point, there’s no reason not to give it a try.

Get your own Pre-Filled Birdy Butter Feeder today!

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