We Test Who’s Best: ‘Year Round’ Suet Blocks

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We were recently joined by 17 year-old Ren for a work experience placement. She helped us undertake one of our many product tests, that we do to ensure we’re outperforming our competitors. We’re always testing our suet products against other bird food. She wrote us a fab blog of her findings!

We all know how important it is to feed our birds and a quality bird food is what we are looking for. There are many types of suet treats and one of them is suet blocks which come in various different flavours. Unfortunately not all suet blocks are as good as they are advertised to be! Here at Unipet we are proud to provide a high quality bird food that will leave your little friends delighted!

To have a fair insight into which suet product wild birds prefer, we undertook a test involving our Suet To Go block and one of our competitor suet blocks. Both of these suet blocks claim to be perfect for year-round feeding.

Both suet blocks were roughly the same size, however the differences were more than clear to us. The competitor suet block was thicker and heavier with a play doh smell and a crumb like, dry consistency. Consequently, it will crumble more when the birds eat and will potentially create more residue that will fall to the ground and go to waste.

How Did We Do This Test?

When we first went up to conduct this test it was quite early in the morning and the weather was warm with bitter wind and a cloud covered sky. We placed each suet block into one of our Block Feeders.

Both feeders were placed next to each other with an easy access for the birds. No other feeders at the location were filled so the birds would feast on only the suet blocks. We put the feeders in a bushy area within our feeding station at Milton Creek Country Park, where we see a large number of birds. They started to feast straight away!

When We Came Back:

Quite a lot of the Suet To Go block was eaten within the first hour and a half. Due to the firm consistency of the block, not much residue fell on the ground. So you can be assured your money will not go to waste with our Suet To Go blocks!

The competitor’s suet block was barely pecked at. It might be hard to access through the feeder as the block is a bit thicker than the Suet To Go block. Plus, the Suet To Go blocks do not contain filler ingredients, creating feed the birds will prefer.

A Few Hours Later

Revisiting our site in more sunny and bright conditions, we came across a half empty feeder- they had eaten half of the Suet To Go block. It looks almost as if our competitors block was barely touched!

The Winner Is Clear!

Coming back the next morning we came across a completely empty feeder! It’s not really a shock that the birds finished the product they loved the most first.

The feeder was completely clear from any residue, and it looks like with our Suet To Go block gone our little birdies feasted a little more on our competitor’s suet block, but at the end of the day it was still only half eaten!

This test only further enforced that choosing the right bird food is crucial to keep our little friends happy. We take pride in our product and clearly birds love it too!


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