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What Type Of Bird Feeder Is Best?

12/09/2018 - No Comments

If feeding the birds is a new hobby, the amount of choice can be quite daunting, both in the feed you buy and the type of bird feeder you use.

First, there are a whole range of food types. We, of course, recommend suet, which provides an excellent feeding source for wild birds. Then, you need to choose a brand- we’ve been testing brands for you, so you can make the best choice when it comes to bird food.

But which bird feeder is right for your garden?

Well- it depends on what you want from it!


One of the most important things is that the feeder isn’t easily accessible to larger animals. Squirrels will gladly steal your birds’ feed, if you’re using a traditional nut feeder, for example.

Find a feeder which dispenses feed through a smaller feeding area, like the SingingFriend uniFeedr. This innovative feeder prevents larger predators from reaching the feed inside, while birds are able to safely feed.


Sure, feeders with numerous fiddly components might look nice, but are they easy to clean? You should be cleaning your feeders at least once a week to prevent the spread of disease. Purchasing a feeder that makes this easier will save you time, and save the lives of countless birds.

Yet again, this is where SingingFriend exceeds. With large, detachable components, each section can be easily wiped clean and replaced- it couldn’t be simpler!

Weather Proof

Your feeders will be out during all seasons, so it’s important that they’re durable.

Make sure it’s made out of sturdy material that can stand the test of time. This will help to ensure you can provide wild bird food come rain or shine!

Easy To Hang

Choosing a feeder which can hang from a variety of locations will enable you to create a feeding station with a range of feeding spots. Providing multiple feeders will prevent smaller birds from having to compete for one feeder with larger birds.

Additionally, a feeder which can hang on something other than a tree is crucial if you have a less conventional outdoor space. Yet again, the SingingFriend feeder triumphs in this area; its durable Velcro strap can be used to attach the feeder to a tree, fence, balcony or post.


What type of bird feeder do you use? Tell us all about it below!

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