What do wild birds eat

What Do Wild Birds Eat In the Winter

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During the Winter months, a bird’s food sources are naturally more scarce and can be quickly depleted, making it much harder for them to find their next food source. When it comes to finding food, many smaller wild birds require a daily amount of at least 1/3 of their body weight for survival.

What Foods Do Wild Birds Naturally Eat in The Wild?

Each species of wild bird has a slightly different diet, however many of the most popular foods are sought after by a range of species. Take a look below at some of the most popular choices:

  • Garden berries found on trees, shrubs and vines
  • Seeds from dandelions, grass, teasels, thistles and ragwort
  • Worms
  • Insects & beetles
  • Invertebrates & snails
  • Plant matter such as grasses & pond weeds

How Can You Help Wild Birds?

When it comes to helping wild birds, there are plenty of ways to do so! Take a look at some of our top tips you can use to quickly help the birds in your garden:

Offer High Quality Food Sources

Offer a high-quality feed in your garden all year round to ensure wild birds have plenty of food sources. This way, even during times when natural foods sources are more scarce, local birds will know where your food sources are located. Click here to find out about our Suet To Go Wild Bird Food range, you might even find a new favourite for your garden!

Water Sources

It is important to offer a water source to wild birds all year round, including the colder months! Birds use water daily for both drinking and grooming, many birds even peck at snow and ice during the colder months when their water sources are frozen!

Have Plenty Of Shelter

Lastly, help wild birds in your garden by ensuring there is plenty of shelter and spaces for birds to nest and hide. This can simply be in the form of bird boxes, hedges and even trees. This will allow safe spaces for birds so they can rest and nest away from predators. If you’re looking for a spring project head over to our blog to find out how you can make a garden bird box.

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