Why Year Round Bird Feeding Is An Important Task

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As we leave the winter behind and march into spring, it’s important to keep bird feeders topped up. Year round bird feeding is highly important to birds, who often rely on complementary feed in order to survive.

While it may seem more obvious to feed throughout the colder months, when birds seem to be more populous and natural resources are visibly diminished, it’s important to feed during spring and summer too. We’re going to run through why year-round bird feeding is important, and what you can do to keep feeders stocked up across the seasons.

Fuel For Flight

In much of the UK, especially cities and suburbs, food sources are depleted all year round. While this used to be more of a seasonal problem, it is now something that spreads into the spring months.

If your birds enjoyed chunkier suet products such as balls or blocks over the cold months, try putting out Peckaballs or nuggets in the spring. These smaller products will make a change from what was offered over the winter and will keep well during warm weather.

Reliant Robin

If you see some repeat visitors to your feeders over the winter, retain their trust by continuing to feed them! Many bird breeds will nest, breed and eat in the same area, so by providing food, you’re giving the birds a safe place to live.

Additionally, make sure your flying friends have a place to stay- why not build them a nest box?

Bringing Up Baby

As those nests start to fill up with freshly-hatched baby birds, help their parents- provide easily accessible feed that they can pass on to their young. And once they develop into fledglings, there will be food waiting for them. We have the ideal suet product for this- Peanut & Cherry Extra Suet Pellets! These pellets are smaller in size, so they’re ideal for the little ones!

As weather can be more temperamental throughout the spring and summer than it once was, maintaining places for birds to feed and thrive is crucial. Keeping feed out will help during unexpected cold spells and help in conserving our beloved birds.

Season’s Tweetings!

As the new season approaches, we will see different birds in our gardens. While we’l see fewer starling murmurations across the summer, swallows and swifts will take their place.

Placing food out all year round will ensure you get a delightful show, with an ever-revolving cast, all year round!

How do you keep the birds in your garden all year round? Leave a comment below!

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