Does Suet Go Off In The Summer?


Many people will tell you that suet isn’t ideal for use in warm weather.…

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What Should I Avoid Feeding Chickens?


As with all pets, it’s important to know what foods your chickens can and…

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Books About Birds Every Birdwatcher Should Read!


If you’re looking for a good book to read this summer, why not read…

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Keeping Hens In The City


As keeping hens as pets becomes a more popular hobby, it’s inevitable that more…

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We Test Who’s Best: Suet Balls


As part of our new series, We Test Who’s Best, we’re testing our Suet…

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Why Backyard Eggs Are The Best!


If you have chickens, there’s a high chance you also have lots of eggs!…

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Documentaries To Watch If You Love Birds


Staying indoors can be fun when there are nature documentaries to watch! If you’ve…

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How To Tell If Your Hens Are Stressed


There are lots of reasons your hens might be stressed. For example, if you’ve…

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How To Track And Document Wild Birds


Tracking what you see in your garden isn’t just a fun hobby, but also…

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