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Our Hentastic® range of complementary poultry feed uses only the highest quality ingredients in our 100% vegetable formulation.

Hentastic® offers a complete range of products, bringing together a host of quality chicken treats and feeders – ideal for helping to raise happy, healthy hens.

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From pellets to feeders and everything in between, we offer delicious chicken treats with our Hentastic® brand. Browse our range of feeders and tasty snacks – all you need to treat your feathered friends!

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Hentastic Pre-Filled Hanging Feeder


The Hentastic® Pre-Filled Hanging Feeder is a great way to keep the hens entertained! This bright orange feeder comes with a mixed herb jumbo treat, in a feeder that can…

Hentastic Starter Pack


Looking to treat your hens to something new? Try the Hentastic Starter Pack! This convenient pack contains six treats and two feeders, offering a variety of feeding solutions. First, there…

Hentastic® Chick Stick Feeder


Our bespoke Hentastic® Chick Stick Feeder is a great way to help give your chickens a nutritious treat. Popular with many types of poultry, this chicken feeder is designed exclusively…

Suet To Go® Berry & Bugs Suet Hanging Cake


Birds love our delicious Suet To Go® hanging cakes. The vibrant colour of the Berry and Bugs recipe is sure to attract a variety of birds to your garden. These…

Suet To Go® Insect Suet Hanging Cake


Birds love our delicious Suet To Go® hanging cakes. This particular recipe contains insect and mealworm, which are popular with all garden birds. This treat comes with a built-in widget,…


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