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Suet To Go Pre-Filled Jumbo Suet Log Feeder


The Suet To Go® Pre-Filled Suet Log Feeder is a convenient way to feed the birds premium suet- simply hang and feed! This durable feeder contains a 500g Jumbo Suet…

Suet To Go® Jumbo Suet Stick


Suet To Go® Jumbo Suet Sticks are made using our high quality, insect-flavoured suet recipe, which provides a valuable food source for wild birds. This complementary feed is sure to…

Suet To Go® Suet Nuggets- 2kg Tub


Suet To Go® nuggets are made using a mix of our high quality beef suet, peanuts and dried mealworms. These premium ingredients are sure to attract a wide range of…