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Suet To Go® Pre-Filled Suet Block Feeder


Our Suet To Go® Pre-Filled Suet Block Feeder is an attractive ‘house-shaped’ feeding solution which is sure to complement any garden! Complete with one of our popular 300g insect-flavoured suet…

Hentastic Foraging Feast Mint and Parsley 1kg


Our Hentastic® Mint and Parsley Foraging Feast is a 100% vegetable formulation containing six flavoursome herbs! This chicken treat is great as a complementary feed for chickens. You can use…

Hentastic Pre-Filled Hanging Feeder


The Hentastic® Pre-Filled Hanging Feeder is a great way to keep the hens entertained! This bright orange feeder comes with a mixed herb jumbo treat, in a feeder that can…

Hentastic® Apple Cider Vinegar


Our Hentastic® Apple Cider Vinegar supports the British Hen Welfare Trust and is used as an ideal liquid supplement for chickens of all ages including ex-battery hens. It is thought…

Hentastic® Chick Stick Feeder


Our bespoke Hentastic® Chick Stick Feeder is a great way to help give your chickens a nutritious treat. Popular with many types of poultry, this chicken feeder is designed exclusively…

Hentastic® Chick Sticks – Cinnamon & Spice


Hentastic® Chick Sticks are a specially formulated 100% vegetable based treat for your chickens. This recipe contains tasty ginger and cinnamon as well as other natural herbs. Use with our…

Hentastic® Chick Sticks – Oregano, Mint, Turmeric & Garlic


This particular Hentastic® recipe contains a blend of herbs which your hens will love! This complementary feed incorporates easy-peck ridges for easier feeding! Just place this tasty snack in our…

Hentastic® Foraging Cake – Garlic & Ginger


This Hentastic® chicken treat is a 100% all natural recipe containing a variety of herbs. Simply place the cake in our foraging cake feeder, or place two cakes inside our…

Hentastic® Foraging Cake – Mint & Parsley


Hentastic® Foraging Cakes are a 100% natural treat and this specially formulated mint and parsley recipe also contains basil and oregano. They’re an ideal boredom busting treat for a large…