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Hentastic® Foraging Feast – Garlic & Ginger (1kg)- Box Of 4


Stock up on chicken treats with this box of 4 Foraging Feast pouches! Hentastic® Foraging Feast are specially formulated pellets that include natural herbs basil, mint, parsley and oregano. Feed…

Hentastic® Foraging Feast – Oregano, Mint, Turmeric & Garlic (Transit Box Of 6)


Warehouse Deal! We’ve got some Foraging Feast that expires in August 2018, so we’ve got a special deal- buy a box of 6 bags for just £9! 6 individual bags…

Hentastic® Fun Feeder


This fabulous Fun Feeder is the ideal accessory for all chicken owners who want to spoil their beloved pets. Not only is this an exciting addition to the Hentastic range,…

Hentastic® Jumbo Chicken Treat


Our Hentastic® Jumbo Chicken Treat is made using high quality ingredients. Our brand-new Mint, Oregano, Turmeric & Garlic recipe is a natural combination of herbs. The Jumbo Chicken Treat also…

Hentastic® Pre-Filled Trough Feeder


The Hentastic Pre-Filled Trough Feeder is an easy and attractive way to feed treats to your chickens! The 450g jumbo treat combines Oregano, Mint, Turmeric and Garlic to create a…

Hentastic® Smart Start – Aniseed & Fennel


Hentastic®’s Smart Start is a complementary feed that can be fed to chicks from the age of 3 weeks old, but is also suitable for older chickens. This product contains…

SingingFriend® multiFeedR


Our SingingFriend® wild bird feeders are unlike anything you’ve seen before! This multiFeedR has interchangeable inserts, so you can fit a variety of feed inside! The feeder’s stylish design and…

SingingFriend® uniFeedR


Winner of Best Bird Product at the 2018 PATS Sandown New Product Showcase! Our SingingFriend® wild bird feeders are unlike anything you’ve seen before! The uniFeedR has an integrated perch,…

Suet To Go 150 Sunflower Suet Balls


Suet To Go® Sunflower Suet Balls are a premium quality bird feed which are great for year round feeding! These balls contain small pieces of protein-rich kibbled sunflower hearts, which…