Due to its continued growth, Suet To Go® has become a highly respected brand within the marketplace. Developed by Unipet International Ltd, leaders within the suet market – Suet To Go® represents the very best in quality, offering a comprehensive range of premium wild bird food products.

From our Hang and Feed range, to our bulk items, we offer suet-based feed that works for you. And in 2018, we’ve got plans to launch some of our most exciting products yet!

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SingingFriend® multiFeedR


Our SingingFriend® wild bird feeders are unlike anything you’ve seen before! This multiFeedR has interchangeable inserts, so you can fit a variety of feed inside! The feeder’s stylish design and…

SingingFriend® uniFeedR


Winner of Best Bird Product at the 2018 PATS Sandown New Product Showcase! Our SingingFriend® wild bird feeders are unlike anything you’ve seen before! The uniFeedR has an integrated perch,…

Suet To Go Suet Store (12.75kg Tub)


Our insect flavoured pellets are now available in a 12.75kg reusable tub! The Suet Store is a great way to keep your suet pellets, and the tub can be reused…

Suet To Go Sunflower Suet Balls x 6


Suet To Go® Sunflower Suet Balls are a premium quality bird feed which are great for year round feeding! These balls contain small pieces of kibbled sunflower hearts, which are…


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