Why Do Hens Need To Eat Treats?


Every hen owner knows the importance of feeding the flock good quality layer pellets.…

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Top Tips For Keeping Hens Healthy and Happy!


Keeping hens is a fun and different hobby- but how do you ensure your…

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We’re Going To Glee Birmingham!


Next week, Unipet are heading to Glee Birmingham! Taking place at The NEC on…

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When A Hen Stops Laying in the Summer…


Long hours of sunlight in the summer should see your hens laying more eggs,…

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Which Chicken Would Make The Best Pet For You?


When buying chickens, it can be hard to pick from the many different breeds.…

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We’re going to BBC Gardeners’ World Live!


We are extremely proud to be supporting The British Hen Welfare Trust at BBC…

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RHS Malvern Spring Festival


We are delighted to be trading at our first consumer show on the 11-14…

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Avian Flu


Avian influenza (bird flu) is a disease that mainly affects birds. A strain of…

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My chickens run away from feeders!


Hi everyone! You may remember that I asked you in the first blog post…

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